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Jonathan is a specialist in the field of international remittances with a background in managing remittances, financial literacy, migration and development projects, and foreign investment forums. In 2009 Jonathan launched DMAGs Asia Pacific operation in Sydney, Australia. He manages the Australian and New Zealand government supported project,, and the SaverAsia ( app and website, supported by the ILO.

Furthermore, Jonathan is involved in major remittances projects including the World Bank’s ongoing global remittance prices database, and is currently working with IOM Pacific on a project focused on building the capacity of migrant workers and governments in the Pacific to harness the remittance potential of labour migration.

He has managed investment programmes for a number of governments including most recently Papua New Guinea. Prior to his career at DMAG, Jonathan was the production manager on flagship investment journals for both government and corporate clients and consulted on innovative remittances projects for DFID. Jonathan holds a degree in Economics and Public Policy.