Irma Martínez Castrillón is the First Deputy Governor of Central Bank of Cuba (Primera Vicepresidenta del Banco Central de Cuba), an institution she has been part for a great number of years. As the First Deputy Governor she has been Cuba’s representative in many meetings all over the world with politicians, government institutions, chambers of commerce, financial institutions and conferences such as IMTC in order to open Cuban Financial Institutions to the world and at the same time modernize its institutions. She was paramount in the organization of IMTC CUBA 2016 in June 2016, the first ever remittance conference in Cuba’s history where close to 100 representatives converged to discuss money transfers to the island. She led the issuance of the first US Credit Card to be accepted in Cuba in an agreement with Stonegate Bank, the acceptance of UnionPay Credit Cards in the island and several agreements with Central Banks in Latin America.

She is married to Pablo Antonio Rodriguez Vidal and she is the mother of Andor and Liz Kathrin.