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IMTC Forum in San Juan focus: International Financial Services & Fintech Sector in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico has been, since the early nineties, attracting investments for its growing international financial services sector. Operating licenses to International Banking Entities (IBEs) where first given in 1989 and by 2011, 31 IBEs – with total assets of $44 billion where operating. In 2012, the Government of Puerto Rico instituted a number of development programs, like the IFE Act of 2012 that created the International Financial Entities (IFEs) replacing the IBE Act, in order to increase investment in the international financial sector. By early 2020, there were close to 100 EBIs and EFIs and the rapid rate of growth has created hundreds of jobs for legal advisers, consultants, banking and compliance professionals, accountants, auditors, etc.

The Financial Sector is evolving globally and this forum wants to discuss the future of Puerto Rico as a sound and solid International Financial Services Center. Join the discussion.

Join us to find solutions and move the International Financial Services sector in Puerto Rico forward!

The IMTC Forum San Juan 2021 is, like all IMTC initiatives, to bring together the world of international financial services, bank and non-bank, traditional & fintech, in one place to meet, discuss, and collaborate on the most pressing industry issues and their potential solutions. We not only seek to understand the issues, we strive to look for solutions by inviting all the stakeholders, public & private, government & non-government, the industry, large & small, to a forum where we can listen to every side, whenever possible.

With the leadership of the Office of the Commissioner of Financial Institutions – OFIC and The Department of Economic Development and Commerce of Puerto Rico – DDEC the Financial Sector in Puerto Rico is strong and ready to help the industry face the challenges alongside the Federal Reserve in New York. We invite everyone to share ideas and discuss how to work together. We have also invited the fintech sector, the the fintech accelerators that are building the future of the island’s financial sector. We hope you join us.



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