François is CEO & co-founder of, the leading search engine for international money transfer services. He also co-founded Direction N’tolo, a non-profit financing micro-credits and scholarships in Cameroon at the age of eight years old, regularly sending money globally since.

He is a young tech-enthusiast and social entrepreneur at heart, passionate about the new opportunities brought by technology to empower individuals and tackle global challenges, aware of the global disparities and the need for everybody to make its contribution. Whether it is through non-profit activities or social entrepreneurship, François’ dream is to provide tools for people to empower themselves.

Attentive to design, data driven and focused on growth, François enjoys working with dynamic teams and lead projects to success.

He also has international experience in NGOs focusing on West Africa, social entrepreneurship and affiliate marketing. He holds a Master’s degree in Management of Information Systems from HEC Lausanne.