Francine Dove is a Project Manager and Researcher for DMA Global (DMAG), a UK based development consultancy that specialises in remittances, payments, financial inclusion and diaspora related affairs. DMAG deliver projects for a range of stakeholders including governments, international donors and the private sector.

Francine has a background in banking and project management and started working with DMA Global in 2018. Since joining, Francine has been heavily involved in work with the African Development Bank to create a systematic approach to supporting diaspora investment, remittance market studies in the ECOWAS region, assessing compliance with the remittance general principles in the MEFMI region and strengthening and harmonising ECOWAS remittance data collection. Most recently, she has led work on digitising small tax payments for Ghana Revenue Authority and diaspora engagement with the African Union.

Francine is based in Accra, Ghana.