The European Payment Opportunities Forum

The European Financial Sector is at a critical juncture in their history—a defining moment at which changes in the financial services industry are forcing banks to make a key strategic decision: whether to become a banking ‘utility’ supporting Payment Institutions (MTOs, FX & Fintech firms) & other NBFIs, or competing with them to serve everyday clients. The driving force behind this imperative is the revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2) which will accelerate the competition and digital disruption that is reshaping the financial services industry all over the world. Join us in this seminar and explore the opportunities that are opening up.

Customer demands are evolving. More transactions are taking place on mobile devices but at the same time they are demanding real-time, personalized and seamless payment service experiences.

FinTech companies and traditional financial services providers such as MTOs, Forex Firms and other cross-border service providers are coming up with new digitally-enabled services and forming partnerships in an expanded payments ecosystem with payment processors of all types. And many advances in technology like immediate payment infrastructures, blockchain & mobile authentication are creating new ways to pay, including new cash-in, cash out systems.

European regulatory initiatives and other initiatives in different places in the world, are encouraging competition and innovation in the industry but we feel NBFIs are just beginning to grasp what it means for them. European eMoney Directives, SEPA and PSD2 are a great step forward and the forum will give you a good understanding of the trends & opportunities.

Banks will see a dramatic erosion of their payments revenues but most of all, banks are going to be impacted by the loss of ‘customer ownership’, a displacement of bank-customer interactions to FinTech and progressive NBFIs. Regulators are introducing new interaction models and mandating the opening of banks’ APIs to third parties.

The Forum will analyze the opportunities – and of course, the challenges of the payments revolution.

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THE FORUM in 2018

 @ IMTC EMEA 2018 – May 17


Your Forum Registration includes a one day seminar with a morning coffee break, Lunch, afternoon coffee break, admission to the Trade Fair in the afternoon, and an invitation to the Welcome Reception at the end of the day. The forum will be in English but we will accommodate panelists that do not speak English. Upon completion of  the Forum, the participants will receive a certificate of participation by email (PDF to print/save).

Attend this one-of-a-kind event and develop a clear understanding of the importance of this moment in time when the payment industry is making a significant shift.

The subject matter presented will be explained thoroughly and the different aspects that make this exciting moment will come together as the day progresses and more speakers & panelist share their expertise. Since most attendees are experienced, participation will be encouraged.

If you have a experiences or expertise to share, contact us and get invited!