Erik Halvorssen started working for Bitstop in June 2018 as a Bitcoin Analyst, helping to do the preliminary research for the Bitstop Network. He also spent this time working on the sales strategy for North America and assisting the CCO with the KYC and AML procedure. Now he works in business development, helping to onboard new operators on to the Bitstop network.

Erik works closely with Traditional ATM operators teaching them about the current state of the Bitcoin ATM industry and preparing them to operate Bitcoin ATMs in their region. He is also a member of both the NAC, the National ATM Council, and ATMIA, the Global ATM Industry Association.

He is very passionate about Bitcoin and its applications in remittance markets, personal finance and wealth management.  He believes that Bitcoin will usher in a new wave of finance and he wants to do his part by helping to promote access to this digital currency. This will be his second time attending a IMTC event.