In 2020 we are launching our online courses portal where we will make available a number of online courses in different industry subjects for our followers in every corner of the world.

The initial subjects will be:

  • Compliance (Risk Management, Fraud, AML, CTF, BSA)
  • New Technologies (Blockchain, Crypto)
  • Online & Social Media Marketing
  • Payment Systems (ACH, Cards)
  • Money Transfer Systems (Market Information, Corridors)


We teach presential courses at some of our conferences on Pre-Conference Day, same as single-topic Seminars and Forums where we dive into specific subjects.

Our MTCC – Money Transfer Compliance Certification Course and our MTSC – Money Transfer Systems Course, are taught at selected IMTC conferences and will soon be available online.

Our Remittance Innovation Forum, RemTECH/Blockchain Series is also available at selected IMTC Conferences.

MTSC - Money Transfer Systems Certification Course

MTSC – Money Transfer Systems Course