Claudio Pleixoto Accountant graduated in Accounting from the Higher Education Institute of Santo André. MBA in Business Management from FGV / SP. CFE – Certified Fraud Examiner. DSC10000 – Compliance Standard System. CRC – Accountant.

Over 30 years of extensive experience in fraud investigations, Compliance, Financial Auditing. Extensive experience in implementing Compliance structures, assessing the risk of fraud and corruption, monitoring and investigation, developing strategic audit plans, financial, operational and process reviews, and testing internal controls (manuals and systems). Specialist in ABC (anti-bribery and corruption), AML (Anti Money Laundry) and Antitrust (competitive). Compliance and Research Professor at MBAs of FIA, FECAP, FMU and PUC. Member of the Risk Committee and the Fraud Prevention Committee at IBGC.