Terms & Conditions for Registration:

When you register for an IMTC event, as a participant, speaker, panelist, sponsor, you are considered a registrant and you agree to the terms and conditions as outlined below.

♦ General Provisions – It is understood that, in all circumstances, IMTC retains complete responsibility for the program, contents and management of the Conference and Trade Fair in order to ensure the highest quality for the event. IMTC will not be liable for, and is excused from, any failure to render services due to any cause beyond its reasonable control, such as a catastrophe of nature, governmental action, computer viruses and failures, acts of God, labor difficulties, social unrest, or non-performance of a supplier.

♦ Payment – Registrant must register online and pay in US Dollars when the conference takes place in the USA. When the conference is outside of the US different arrangements can be made by IMTC to receive registration using forms that can be sent by email/fax and payments made in local currency. Registration is not guaranteed until payment has been received. IMTC reserves the right to cancel any registration that is not paid in full. Payment at the Conference will be charged at full conference rate plus US 100 as a late payment fee.

♦ Unpaid Registrations – Any company is liable for the Registration Fees of its employees present at the conference. In case one employee is present in the conference grounds and he/she has not been registered or his/her registration has not been paid, the Company will be liable to pay the full registration fee. IMTC will present an invoice to the company and expects immeadiate payment.

♦ Cancellation or Relocation of Conference – In the event of cancellation or relocation of the Conference, due to circumstances within IMTC’s direct control, the liability of IMTC shall be limited to a refund of 50% of all fees paid to IMTC by the registrant. In the event that IMTC has no control over the cancellation or relocation of any conference due to events beyond the control of the conference organizers (force majeure) or due to events which are not attributable to wrongful intent or gross negligence of the conference organizers, the conference organizers cannot be held liable for any damages, costs, or losses incurred, such as transportation costs, accommodation costs, financial losses, etc. Under these circumstances, the conference organizers reserve the right to either retain the entire registrant fees and to use it for a future conference, or to reimburse the registrant after deducting costs already incurred for the organization of the conference and which could not be recovered from third parties.

♦ Speakers and Panelists – IMTC makes its best efforts to attract experts in different fields and areas that it finds interesting to all the participants to the Conference, Courses, Seminars and Workshops. IMTC does not pay any fees to speakers or panelists for their presentations, nor «sells» speaker slots as other conferences do. IMTC occasionally refunds airplane tickets or provides room & board to some speakers, especially if they come from government institutions (provided they can receive such refunds), multilateral agencies and educational institutions and other non-profits. IMTC gives priority to sponsors & exhibitors in designating speaker or panelists but reserves the right to accept such designation. IMTC usually waives the conference fee to all speakers but not to panelists. IMTC is not liable if a speaker or panelist is not able to be present at the time and place specified in the Agenda. IMTC is not in any way liable for the views and opinions of Speakers and Panelists invited.

♦ Liability
a) Every registrant releases the Conference Organizers, the IMTC, NMTA and MWC, its directors, officers, employees, agents, volunteers, successors, partners and assigns from any and all liability for and waive any and all claims for injury, loss, or damage, including attorneys’ fees, in any way connected with the participation in the Conference, whether or not caused in whole or part by the negligence or other misconduct of IMTC, NMTA, MWC or any of the individuals mentioned above. Registrant takes part in the conference at his/her own risk. Oral agreements shall not be binding if these have not been confirmed in writing by the conference organizers.

b) IMTC undertakes no duty to exercise care, nor does it assume any responsibility, for the protection and safety of the registrant or for the protection of the property of the registrant from theft or damage or destruction by fire, accident or other cause. Small and easily portable articles should be properly secured. Any protection exercised by IMTC shall be deemed purely gratuitous on its part and shall in no way be construed to make it liable for any loss or inconvenience suffered by the registrant.

c) The registrant agrees to indemnify and hold IMTC and its agents harmless from all such claims and from all claims or liability of any nature whatsoever arising from the activities of the registrant.

♦ Removal – IMTC may order the removal of a registrant from the conference grounds, no part of the registration fees will be returned. IMTC may refuse hereafter to enter into any agreement with the same or related registrant for any conference or Conference organized by IMTC.

♦ Promotional Items – IMTC encourages registrants to promote their products and services at IMTC but it is important for Registrants to understand that IMTC must be informed, prior to the event, who, how and what types of promotional items or any advertising products or materials will be distributed in order for IMTC to grant permission. Registrants will not be allowed to distribute promotional items or materials to other conference registrants if they are not previously authorized by IMTC. Permission is given to Sponsors & Exhibitors to distribute promotional items under their Sponsors’ contract or & Exhibitors’ contract with IMTC only.

♦ Appointments with outside visitors – Any appointments made by Registrants with outside visitors not registered at the conference will not be allowed inside the conference, trade fair area and adjacent areas conidered part of the event. Please inquire for the cost of a pass and the conditions for admission. If a visitor has not been registered the registrant and his/her company will be required to pay full conference registration price for the invitee. Besides, we reserve the right to summarily eject said visitor.

♦ Renting Rooms in the Conference Venue – No Registrant can rent a private room in the Conference Venue for Private Meetings with other Conference Participants or Outside Visitors without a written permission from IMTC whether it is for a reception, private gathering, meeting, sales presentation, etc. The Hotel is not authorized to book a room for you for this purpose. If you want to have a private meeting of any kind, IMTC will plan it for you and will coordinate with the hotel for the best time and place in order not to be concurrent with any conference event. If this policy is violated, the participant will be responsible to pay a minimum of US 1,000 per meeting/per day.

♦ Hotel Rooms in the Conference Venue– Each country or hotel venue manages hotel room reservations differently regarding cancellations, room upgrades, name changes, etc. When the room reservations are done directly with the hotel (or the hotel’s room reservation agency), Registrant must be vigilant as to the hotel terms & conditions at the time of booking. IMTC will not be liable for any charges or refunds related to such room reservations.
In some countries, conference hotel rooms need to be prepaid by IMTC and the funds collected from Registrants for hotel rooms are handed over to the hotel (or the hotel’s room reservation agency) and IMTC is not liable for refunds or exchanges if such reserved rooms are not used in the dates chosen by the registrant but will do anything in its power to get refunds or exchanges, especially if cancellations or modifications can be made well in advance of the event dates.

♦ Registration Name Change – If a participant is unable to attend, an alternate participant from the same company may attend in their place. However registrant should inform IMTC by e-mail before the start of the conference. Be aware that hotel room reservation changes are allowed by some venues if dates or length of stay are not modified and IMTC is not liable for any charges incurred by hotel room reservation changes.

♦ Credits – If a registrant is unable to attend and no alternate participant is able to come in its place, refunds might be available and are displayed in the Fees page of our Registration System. Credit will be given to the same registrant in our next scheduled conference only. In any other case up to 60% credit on paid conference fees can be awarded.

♦ Photographs and Video and/or audio recordings – By registering you give consent to appear in photographs or recordings and the use of any photographs taken and/or recordings made singularly or in conjunction with other photographs and/or recordings for advertising, publicity, commercial or other business purposes related with the conference organizers and its events.

♦ Lost Badges – The conference badge must be worn at all times during the conference. Access to the conference facilities will not be granted without it. If a registrant loses, misplaces or forgets their badge, a handling fee of USD 50 could be charged for a new badge. Once a new badge is produced, the lost badge will become invalid. The conference organizers will remove any individual from the conference area – conference room, meeting area, meeting foyer, exhibition and trade fair area – that cannot show proof of registration.

♦ Letters of Invitation for Visas or other purposes – A ‘Letter of Invitation’ will only be issued once the registration has be done and payment has been received in full. The ‘Letter of Invitation’ does not financially obligate the conference organizers in any way. All expenses incurred in relation to their attendance at the conference are the sole responsibility of the participant. For more information on obtaining a VISA LETTER from IMTC please check here: VISA LETTER .

♦ Visa Requirements – It is the sole responsibility of registrants to ensure that they comply with any visa requirements to attend the conference. Delegates who require an entry visa must allow sufficient time for the application procedure. Delegates should contact the nearest embassy or consulate to determine the requirements and timing of their visa applications. Commercial visas are given priority. Delegates should inquire at the embassy or consulate. No funds will be refunded if visas are not awarded for delegates. The conference organizers will provide any help they can in order to provide the necessary assistance in obtaining a visa. In some cases, the conference organizers cannot directly contact embassies and consulates on behalf of visa applicants.

♦ Data Protection and Sharing of Contact Details – The Conference organizers collect and store personal data in the registration process. Data protection is warranted in accordance with relevant data protection legislation. The Conference organizers do not sale contact details to third parties but might share details with conference sponsors in a limited basis.

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