DMA Global

Headquartered in central London with a regional office in Sydney, DMAG’s core competencies include; remittances and payments market research, programme design and implementation, product design, market entry and inward investment. Since the company was founded in February 2007, it has grown to 20 full-time staff, with a global network of research and support staff of a further 60 people.

Widely regarded as a leading remittances and payments consultancy, DMAG is engaged by both the public and private sector to deliver projects around the world. To date we have worked in the UK, Africa (Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Morocco, Nigeria, Senegal, Somalia, South Africa, Tanzania and Zimbabwe), throughout the EU, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, CIS countries (Armenia, Kyrgyz Republic, Moldova and Tajikistan), the USA, Asia Pacific (including Singapore, Malaysia, India and China) and Latin America and the Caribbean.

Our portfolio of work covers the following work streams:

Remittances and Payment Systems – Recent work with the public sector has included analysis of how new technology (such as mobile payments) can be harnessed for expanding access to financial services in underserved markets. This has also included the development of innovative financing mechanisms to encourage the entry and uptake of lower cost digital channels when sending money in costly corridors.

Similarly, DMAG is involved in a number of key initiatives aimed at maximising the development impact of remittances.

With a global research network covering over 365 key remittance corridors and team members based in over 48 countries (including a number in southern Africa), DMAG also works with a number of private sector payment companies advising on market entry, product launches and commercialisation strategies geared towards developing and emerging economies.

The DMAG team have developed a long track record in the design and launch of traditional and digital remittances, either online or via the mobile phone and have worked with a range of FinTech companies to build business models and cases for these products, as well as providing regulatory and licencing support.

DMAG has conducted a number of payment market assessments for private and public-sector organisations.

Financial Inclusion and Access – As a complement to our payments work, DMAG has also developed significant expertise in product development and financial education aimed at enhancing financial inclusion in developing countries. In particular, DMAG works with donors and partners in the delivery of results-driven financial literacy training to remittance recipients. To date, DMAG’s project team has delivered financial literacy programmes in Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean, and Eastern Europe/Caucasus.

Diaspora Investment – DMAG has extensive experience in enhancing diasporas’ contribution to development, as well as profiling diaspora groups to assess their interest in investing in their country of origin. DMAG’s research and analysis is used to inform governments, multilaterals and the private sector on product design and outreach strategies for tapping diaspora savings for economic development.