Daniel Kelly is employed by the Arizona Financial Crimes Task Force TRAC (Transaction Record Analysis Center) as the TRAC Analytical Supervisor. TRAC databases house court ordered and/or subpoenaed money services business transaction data centered in Southwest Border States and Mexico. TRAC provides secure internet access to the transaction data to authorized law enforcement agencies, prosecutors and regulators across the U.S. as well as expert analytical services and training to those agencies.

Kelly retired as a financial crimes investigator from the Arizona Department of Public Safety in May 2014. Inv. Kelly had been assigned since 2005 to the Arizona Financial Crimes Task Force and prior to the summer of 2005, Inv. Kelly was a member of U.S. federal law enforcement task forces for over 22 years, including seventeen years as a sworn Task Force Officer with the DEA Phoenix Field Division.

Kelly has been directly involved in national and international money laundering investigations and was utilized by Assistant United States Attorneys as an expert witness related to aspects of money laundering organizations in various Federal Districts in Florida, Texas and Arizona. Inv. Kelly has instructed Mexican, Central American and Colombian prosecutors, national police and military in anti-money laundering techniques.