Cuallix is a Non-Bank Financial Services Institution with more than 25 years of experience in the payments industry, and with a group of professionals with the objective of achieving total customer satisfaction.

Our initiatives are built over the values of; Trust, Quality and Commitment, and is oriented to design and develop world class financial services for the non-banked and underserved consumer. Reaching all the segments of the market (vertical and horizontal), with great flexibility and a high technological component.

We have operations in the US and Mexico, a team of more than 500 employees and a strong proprietary technology, for the design and operation of financial products that comply with regulations of any of the markets that we operate.

Our Portfolio of Products and Services include:

– Personal Loans,
– Auto Loans,
– Mortgages,
– Credit Cards,
– Commercial Loans,
– Money Transfers,
– US and Mexico Bill Payment,
– Individual Electronic Wallet,
– A Business Payment Platform
– A Web Based Store that offers furniture, home appliances and personal accessories and more.

Our Products and Services are designed for Payment Service Providers, ISO’s, Airlines, eCommerce Merchants, Portal Network Operators, Retail Chains, Stand Alone Stores and Prepaid Payment Networks.

Our objective is to increase business opportunities through competitive electronic payment and financial services and products with initiatives focused on a worldwide scale, multicurrency, B2B, P2P, P2B, Financing Products, with Proprietary Technology Web & Mobile Enabled.