Bob Frimet has a vast experience in the field of MSB operations and AML Compliance. He has been CAMS certified since 2005 and has been involved in the MSB world in one way or another since 1991.

With his firm RMF Consulting Group, Inc, he has performed countless reviews and drafted AML programs and risk assessments for check cashing operations, wire transmitters, dealers in precious metals, pawn brokers, foreign currency dealers and the digital currency space.

RMF has also been providing turn key solutions for check cashers and lenders including operating, compliance, and payment processing solutions.Bob has owned, operated and opened over 100 MSB locations in 5 states and currently oversee a single MSB location in Las Vegas.

With Kios Prepaid, Bob is now using his experience to build and market a self-serve solution that can perform a number of financial operations – as well as other services, to the underbanked segment in the US.