Joseph Ciccolo, AML veteran, explains how to engage with your regulator and manage your money transfer licenses

I split my time between the crypto and international money transfer world. To speak in generalities, the energy, mindset, and concerns are dramatically different. When it comes to compliance, however, I do think some parts of the cryptosphere are starting to edge closer: Fear the regulator — or your business will face capital punishment. No…


Cash & Digital: black clouds or blue skies?

Last week at the ESTA Conference, the European Cash Management Companies Association’s yearly event, this time in Vienna, I moderated a panel entitled “The war on cash: black clouds or blue sky ahead?”. For the panel, I had the opportunity to have some of the best speakers on the subject.


Analyzing the results of IMTC ASIA 2018 in Manila September 19-21, the first thing that comes to mind is the very interesting state of the money transfer industry in The Philippines. Companies, colleagues, regulators, government representatives, were very open to share their ideas, their work, their vision, which contributed to understand key transformations that the…


Digital vs. Cash, are we getting it all wrong?

This article was conceived after discussing with colleagues in the industry why the payments world has been driven into the Cash vs. Digital dichotomyThe obsessive need to pit the use of cash versus the use of digital payment means such as cards. This fictional split creates confusion as cash, cards, cryptocurrencies are just payment methods…

Preparing for IMTC ASIA 2018 in September

Last week, May 2-5, myself, Hugo Cuevas-Mohr and Olivia Chow, from Yokip Consulting, our partner in the RemTech Awards and The Blockchain Series Coordinator,  were in Manila in a round of visits with local authorities, money transfer companies, banks and associations. The main objective was to prepare the program for our coming IMTC ASIA 2018…