RemTECH Awards 2019 winner, M-Pesa, updates us on their latest partnerships and developments: Western Union, Visa, and COVID-19

When discussing financial inclusion in Africa, it’s hard to have that conversation without including M-Pesa. The product, born in 2007, has utilized the telecommunication networks to provide a way for Kenyans, and now many other Africans, to hold and transfer funds digitally through mobile money. Today, M-Pesa transfers over a $1B each month from their…


Joseph Ciccolo, AML veteran, explains how to engage with your regulator and manage your money transfer licenses

I split my time between the crypto and international money transfer world. To speak in generalities, the energy, mindset, and concerns are dramatically different. When it comes to compliance, however, I do think some parts of the cryptosphere are starting to edge closer: Fear the regulator — or your business will face capital punishment. No…