Dr. Arun Sharma is Executive Director of the JAE Leadership Institute and Professor in the Marketing Department at the School of Business Administration, University of Miami. Prior to joining the academic world, he worked for three years in a services firm where he handled product management and sales management responsibilities. Arun has extensive knowledge of the Payment Industry through his experience in consulting and conducting seminars. He is has worked for about two decades in this industry and he has conducted studies for multiple firms in the payment services industry. He has worked with companies such as Western Union, MoneyGram , Visa, MasterCard and large banks. He has developed a Delivery‐Value‐Relationship model for the payment industry that is used in firms such as MasterCard. Arun has published extensively (over 85 refereed articles) and is on the review board of major journals and has received many excellence in research and excellence in teaching awards from the School of Business Administration at the University of Miami.