Anslem Oshionebo is the President and CEO of Ping Express, a technology that allows a sender to conveniently send money to a bank internationally. The Ping Express technology puts the sender in control of where, when and how he or she chooses to send money. Thus eliminating the need: (i) to leave work early for the agents’ office before it closes, (ii) to carry cash while initiating or completing a transfer, and (iii) to share with others or third parties on how much is being sent and to who. With the Ping Express mobile application or website, the sender is within seconds of making someone smile. A convenient process that allows the Ping Express members to be more productive at work and to enjoy quality time.

Anslem has extensive experience spanning over 16 years in financial matters, strategy, systems design and architecture, forensics and compliance related matters. He is enthusiastic about transforming the Fintech world and very interested in finding ways to serve and support the under-banked through improvement in the payment systems, and supporting big data for predictive analytics. Over the years, he has been involved in systems design and architecture, compliance matters, investigation and forensic audit assistance program, and has led several teams on investigations into fraud allegations.

He was also involved in monitoring and coordinating several regulatory developments impacting the finance world, writing thought leadership materials and consulting on complex matters. In addition, he worked on designing several firm training materials and instructed several trainings.

Anslem Oshionebo has a Masters degree from Seton Hall University and a Certified Fraud Examiner in the USA. He spends time volunteering to teach 4 year old in his local church community, while volunteering as a soccer coach. Prior to working in the compliance and financial related environment, he worked as a field engineer after graduating with a bachelors’ of engineering.