Ambar Sur, CEO, TerraPay. An enterprising figure, Ambar Sur co-founded TerraPay Payment Services, a licensed digital payment infrastructure and solutions provider, in 2015, with his close associates and friends, Mr. Ram Sundaram, Aniruddha Sane, and Akbar Hussain

Heading the organisation as its Chief Executive Officer, Ambar Sur is the man at helm for steering the organisational presence across continents and nations.

With over two decades of rich experience in telecom and mobile payments, Ambar Sur possess a sound understanding of the industry, voluminous knowledge of technology, and a keen eye for market and business drivers, — a combination that has helped him lead the organisation to capitalize the emerging African markets, create a strong foundation in the some major European countries, and enter into Asian market.

His dynamic leadership style, clear sighted vision, and a customer-centric approach has helped TerraPay shoot-up the popularity charts in a short span of 5 years, gaining strong goodwill among investors and stakeholders worldwide.

Before founding TerraPay, Ambar Sur worked at Comviva Technologies Ltd. for over 13 years. He had joined Comviva as Chief Marketing Officer in 2002. When he parted ways from the organisation, he had been serving as a Wholetime Director & Sr. Vice President for about 6 years.

Prior to joining Comviva, Ambar had founded CellCloud Technologies in in 2000, where he was the key driver of business growth building sales of the company’s innovative prepaid solution in India, and helping ensure the company became profitable within a short period. CellCloud merged with Mahindra Comviva in 2002.

Ambar began his 19 year career in Washington DC as a project manager with LCC, a pioneer in wireless voice and data services for the telecom industry, where he set up various networks around the world. Having gained experience of the wireless world, Ambar moved to India to work with BPL Mobile, where he oversaw Network Performance & RF Planning for the company.

Ambar is a New York University graduate with a MS degree in Electrical Engineering. Prior to that, he had completed his Bachelors in Electrical Engineering from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.

A voracious reader, Ambar loves spending his personal time amongst books. Other than reading, he is a music and travel enthusiast.