Alex Pereira Is the Founder and CEO of PMI Americas, a leading financial technology company focused on payment solutions and business innovation. Alex has vast experience in global financial services, having collaborated with several large corporations to implement cross-border payments solutions for remote workers, freelancers, and outsourced staff. He founded PMI Americas in 2019 to build around this experience and expand payment innovation across LATAM.

PMI, headquartered in Mexico, provides services throughout LATAM, the U.S, and Europe, from local offices in Mexico City, Santiago de Chile, Bogotá, Lima, Montevideo, and London.

PMI’s technology portfolio include, a global money transfer gateway, a software for e-commerce and online marketplace, a PCI Level 1 payment gateway, an Enterprise Resource Planning and data management system, and an API based pay-in and pay-out cross-border solution; all of which provide global and local businesses a one-stop shop to consolidate and optimize their financial service solutions.