Advisory Board

We can’t thank enough the commitment of the Advisory Board Members and the constant advise they provide to IMTC in order to make all our projects and ideas successful endeavors. Their mutual respect in each other’s expertise, the respect of companies and colleagues in the industry for these distinguished individuals makes us proud to have them at our side.

The Advisory Board is non-voting and does not engage in decision-making related to IMTC events, the program at the events, sponsorships, budgets, internal policy development or personnel but their suggestions & guidelines are always present and their opinions considered and discussed. As industry influencers, their advocacy and outreach is crucial to IMTC and its vision. Industry expert, Dr. Dario Gamboa, is the Chairman of the Advisory Board.

Dario Gamboa

Salvador Velazquez

Connie Fenchel

Zory Muñoz

Leon Isaacs

Nina Hülsken

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Daniel Trias

Rob Ayers

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Lourdes Soto

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Andrew S. Ittleman

Brandi Reynolds

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Nabil Kabbani