General: Conference & Seminars

When and where are your upcoming conferences and where can I learn more about them?

All the information on upcoming conferences – and past conferences, can be found here in the website. We update our site as often as possible to ensure that information on every conference is up-to-date. If there is any information that you need, contact us and we will help you. All the conference books of our past conferences can be found here!

Why there are courses, seminars, workshops and conferences? What is the difference?

Everything revolves around a Conference, where we have plenary sessions with speaker presentations, panels and round tables. Courses are instructional and are geared toward providing training & education and there are online certification tests provided after the completion of the course in order to issue a diploma.

Seminars are similar, but more open relative to the subject in hand and there is no test, but we do issue a Certificate. They usually take place on the day before a conference starts and we called them Pre-Conference Courses or Seminars. Courses and Seminars are one day only and not all of them are presented at every conference. They can be attended and paid separately from the conference (or bundled for a special discount price).

The Conferences include the morning plenaries with presentations & panels and in the afternoon we usually have breakouts, either a business breakout, a compliance breakout, or round table discussions on specific subjects. We also have workshops during the conference, as part of the agenda. We call them workshops since they are normally more hands-on, with detailed information and company presentations on products and services that need special explaining.

The Trade Fair opens in the afternoon on Pre-Conference Day, before the first day of the conference, to allow course & seminar participants to attend.

Where can I find the Agenda for the Conference? Is this Agenda final?

Each conference has its own tentative agenda that is updated week by week as speakers confirm and new subjects and ideas are considered. This is a fast evolving industry and we don’t mind making room for last minute ideas or discussion-worthy subjects. Agendas are always a work in progress and the icon is found at the home page of each specific conference or seminar. In the Agenda you’ll find session information, topics, speaker information, and schedules.

I’d like more information about past participants, sponsors, exhibitors, speakers, topics covered, and statistics about the institutions and constituents who attend.

Our past conference pages include all of this information so you can find whatever information is relevant to your needs. Statistics can be found here. In Presentations you can download past presentations, check videos and documents produced. In Facebook you will find hundreds of pictures. Check all the past conference books with each conference sponsors, agendas, etc. If there is something you can’t find, let us know and we will be happy to provide it.

What are the fees associated with participating in the conference or attending the seminars?

The conference fees are always in the Home Page of the specific Conference. Scroll to the bottom. We try to keep our fees consistent  through all of our conferences; One price for the courses & seminars, one for the conference and a bundled price for both.

I have a topic I believe would be beneficial for the conference and I’d like to lead a presentation geared toward it. Are there any openings for speakers?

Of course! Our conference succeeds because of the knowledge of all the individuals who make up our industry. But don’t just tell us that you want to be a speaker; tell us the subject, your ideas around the theme. Fill the following for now. If you don’t want to be a speaker, please propose an interesting subject. We encourage speakers and panelists to be active in our IMTC Linkedin Group and we will reward loyal contributors with speaking slots. We do not “sell” speaker slots. We do encourage exhibitors and sponsors to contribute with speakers or panelists if we feel the subject is relevant and we do develop workshops with companies on their products or services.

I want to go to an IMTC Conference in the US. Should I go to IMTC WORLD or IMTC USA?

IMTC WORLD is devoted to the the Money Transfer and Remittance Industry from a global point of view,  examining the evolution of the industry from a global perspective, exploring cross-border money transfers from any place they originate to any place where they are destined to, analyzing the corridors, the trends, the major regulation and compliance issues that globally influence the industry. IMTC USA IMTC USA is US centric,  exploring cross-border money transfers from the US to any country in the world and from those countries to the US, analyzing the mature US to Latin America Corridors, the growing US to Asia Corridors and the newer and more niche US to Africa Corridors without forgetting the North to North Corridors. At IMTC USA we also analyze the major regulation and compliance trends that shape the industry locally as well as the companies and services that are shaping the present and future of the industry in the United States.


I’m ready to register. Where do I go?

In the Home Page of the specific Conference, in the Conference Fees page and the Course or Seminar page you will see the large Green Button labeled REGISTER at the top This button will take you to the registration area that will allow you to register online for the conference, for the seminars, or both. If you need help with the online registration, contact us.

How do I register various people from my company?

Registering various people at once is a great way to take advantage of our group discounts (15% off for each additional attendee). If your Group is 4 or more people, contact us and we will discuss Group Rates. Visit the registration page by clicking on the Green Button on the Home Page of the specific conference and follow the easy registration process. Register the first participant, then use the add more button to add an additional participants.  Payments can then be rendered for the entire group. If one person is registering and handling the group’s communications click the box on the bottom of the registration page and provide your information. One the registration is completed you will receive an automatic email with more information and a summary of the registration details (plus, it is available online using the confirmation number provided).

I need help with the online registration

We are ready to help you. You can send us an email using our contact form, send us an email in any language at help at or give us a call. You can use our 800 number from the US (888) 449-5550 or +1 786 238 7857 from any place in the world. We are based out of Miami and New York (EST) but call us! We work very early and very late and you can always leave us a message in english, spanish, french, portuguese…

Payments, Refunds, Discounts

What payment options do you provide?

You can pay online with a credit card or offline with a check or wire transfer. When you end the registration process you will be able to select your payment method. For checks and wire transfers, you will receive the information by email, necessary for completing your payment when you have sumited your registration. Your registration won’t be final until payment is received.

I want to participate in your event. Is there possibility to obtain a cheaper registration price?

  • We offer early bird discounts for early registrants. You can check the Conference Fees page to see the dates for each conference and see that you can obtain a USD$ 200 discount or more if you register as soon as the registration opens. Early Bird Discounta will be automatically applied during the online registration process.

  • Companies registering more than one participant, receive 15% off for every additional participant. Discount will be automatically applied during registration process. More than four in your group? Contact us and we will discuss a better pricing for the group.

  • Some members from affiliate organizations receive discounts. Contact your organization first. If your organization is interested we can discuss registration discounts for the members of your organization.

Do you offer any special discounts? How do I find out if I qualify or if my company does?

    • Yes, we offer a series of discounts:
    • Government & Academic employees, Students, and NGOs qualify for 50% discounts. Contact us here for your discount code before registering

    • Laid-off or in-between jobs industry executives are also welcomed at the conference and special discounts might be awarded in a case by case basis. Please send us an email to help at and tell us briefly how can we help you and we will contact you to proceed.. Don’t be shy.


  • We also award discounts for start-ups. Please send us an email to help at and tell us briefly information on the company, give us dates, details on the products and services, the number of people that might be coming, etc. A number of start-ups have found partners and even investors.


I don't want to participate in the conference, just the Trade Fair. Is it possible?

We only offer Day Passes at our larger Miami Conference and they are only sold at the door, depending on the amount of people present and in a case by case basis. We do not offer Trade Fair only Passes.

I want to bring my spouse to your event. Does he/she needs to register and pay full price?

If you want to bring your spouse she/he will need to register and pay as any regular attendee. In some very special cases we can give your spouse a 50% discount if she/he will only join you for the social activities such as the Welcome Reception, Happy Hours, the Lunches, the Night Events. We are very selective since in the past attendees have taken advantage of this opportunity and we have had to ask spouses to leave the trade fair or conference areas, a situation that is sad and discomforting.

I need to cancel my registration. Do I qualify for a refund?

Yes. The Refund Policy for each event is listed in the Registration Area of each specific conference. The refund amount will change as the date of the conference approaches, due to capacity commitments with the venue. Most attendees that cannot make it at the last minute will receive a credit for the next conference.

Promotion: Advertising, Sponsoring, Exhibiting

What opportunities do the IMTC Conferences provide for my company to promote itself and how do I go about doing this?

There are a number of ways you can promote your company and services through our conferences. At the conferences, companies can exhibit at our great trade fairs, sponsor lunches, coffee breaks, receptions, happy hours, seminars, purchase ad space on our conference book and our conference app, display banners and insert promotional items or brochures into our conference bags or sponsor one of our highly expected raffles. You can download the Exhibitor or the Promotional Sponsorship Packages, specific for each conference. Contact us for details and pricing. If you have something else in mind, please contact us and we will work to accommodate your company’s needs. Be creative, we love it!

Our company is interested in sponsoring at an upcoming conference. Where do we start?

Great! Go to the Trade Fair Page of one of our upcoming conferences and download our Exhibitors Package or our Promotional Sponsorship’s Package. You can always contact us and we will email the link to you. Once you’ve associated yourself with all of the opportunities provided to your company, send us an email or give us a call. We’ll take the time to discuss the opportunities and make sure your investment will be successful with us. We will then take you through the whole process to make everything as hassle free and customized as you require.


Do I need to stay in the Hotel where the Conference takes place? How do I make a reservation?

We partner with each hotel that we offer a conference in to provide the best price we can negotiate for our Conference participants. We commit to a number of rooms as part of the contract we sign. If we don’t make our commitment the conference fees will raise in order to compensate. Your solidarity in rooming with us is very much appreciated. Please, make sure to reserve your rooms early in order to secure your stay, because we have ran out of rooms in the past. You make an online reservation or use the pdf form to do an offline reservation. The link to Hotel is always found in the Home Page of each specific conference.

Can I get help with Transportation from the Airport?

Yes, you can. We encourage people to use the Airport Shuttles as they are cheaper than taxis or limos. We can help you with making a reservation with a car company to pick you up if you so desire. The Hotel Page for each conference has information on distance and prices too. If you need help, contact us.


I’d like to keep up to date on the IMTC. What should I do?

For updates on conference developments (new speakers, topics, events, sponsors, exhibitors), industry news, and information about discounts and promotions, just subscribe to our newsletter here. Follow ourLinkedIn group to connect and interact with industry professionals, follow us on twitter for current industry news and conference updates, or like us on Facebook for photos, comments and company updates. If you’d like to be updated when we add new interviews or presentations to YouTube, subscribe to our video channel here.

I think your conferences are awesome and I’d like to spread the word. What can I do?

We’re glad! We work very hard to ensure that the conferences are better every year. Use our contact form, found here to send us your kind words. We make sure the whole IMTC Team hears our attendees comments (good or bad!). If you’re all over the social space, please share your thoughts on our Facebook Page or on Twitter (#IMTC). Thank you!