Advisory Board

The IMTC Advisory Board contributes with their collective expertise and their vision of the Money Transfer Industry to develop current and future conferences, seminars and courses of IMTC. We are very thankful with all and each one of them. The Advisory Board’s objectives are to:

  • Be a management and inspirational think tank that can help IMTC meet today’s and tomorrow’s challenges
  • Be an open forum where we can share ideas and concerns and plan better conferences and events
  • Help MT executives network and create successful partnerships and new business ventures
  • Help IMTC promote its conferences, courses, trade fairs with colleagues, friends and acquaintances
  • Expand IMTC’s objective to develop alliances with other trade bodies in the vast payment systems world
  • Propose sessions, panels, round tables, and lead them as speakers or moderators

Advisory Board Members


Connie Fenchel

Connie has a broad range of law enforcement, regulatory and management expertise in the areas of regulatory compliance, financial crimes and customs violations comprised of over 30 years of government and private sector experience. She is president of AML Experts, Inc., an independent consulting firm specializing in anti-money laundering, the Bank Secrecy Act, and customs matters. Her expertise includes independent reviews and investigations, threat/risk assessments, domestic and international training, expert testimony and anti-money laundering program development. Her clients include various sizes of banks, money services businesses and alternative payment companies throughout the United States.

Salvador graduated from Universidad Iberoamericana with a degree in business and completed an MBA at Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México (Itam) in which he graduated with honors in 2005. He is also a certificate Anti Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS) since 2004. He Has more than 30 years of experience working for the financial industry, having worked for BNP Paribas-Belgique and Scotiabank in Mexico.

He was part of two successful start-up projects Cibanco in 1984 (México) and Dolex Dollar Express, Inc. in 1998 (USA). Dolex became the fourth largest public company in its industry in terms of revenue in only 10 years of existence; as part of this success, He left Dolex in 2013 after a succesful M&A and joined Libertad Servicios Financieros in Mexico as the EVP Transaction Banking Services before becoming a Consultant and joining our Advisory Board.

Salvador is a well-known expert in the Money Transmitter Industry where his skills and abilities in business development are recognized by all.


Salvador Velazquez


Zory Muñoz

Zory is an expert on EDD – Enhance Due Diligence and Correspondent Compliance Examinations. She has a Law Degree from the Universidad Libre in Bogotá, where she also majored in Political Science. She received her certificate as a Project Manager from U.of California Los Angeles and is CAMS certified. She has strong public relations and International Business experience focused on the Hispanic market. In 2003, she began her career as an International Representative in GroupEx, a California based license money transmitter to Central America and later on as a Compliance Manager for Coinstar. Zory is IMTC WEST Conference Coordinator in Los Angeles where she currently resides and is the Field Compliance Officer for Online MT company Xoom.

Andrew is a Founder and Partner of Fuerst Ittleman David Joseph, PL in Miami, FL. He oversees the firm’s work in White Collar Defense and Money Laundering Law. Andrew was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, attended Emory University (2001) and University of Miami Law School (2004). He was hired by Mr. Fuerst in 2005 and his practice includes Federal criminal forfeiture proceedings, complex commercial litigation, international civil litigation and FDA litigation. Besides being a member of the Florida Bar, the Dade County Bar Association he is a member of the National Money Transmitters Association and is a Certified Anti Money Laundering Specialist.


Andrew S. Ittleman


Daniel Trias

Daniel is a consultant, specializing in banking, finance and foreign trade, for over 25 years. He has developed his career in the financial market occupying management positions in several institutions of financial intermediation in Uruguay. His “expertise” is focused on the area of International Trade Zones, Offshore Banking and Commerce for institutions in Uruguay and in many countries around the world. His specialty is remittances, opening new markets and business development. He has extensive knowledge of the Brazilian Market.

AJ has been passionately following the way people send money around the world for more than 20 years. He is an entrepreneurial senior executive with global, hands-on experience across the US, Canada, Europe, the Middle East and other regions. He excels at identifying unique opportunities and building the right products, strategy and organization to capitalize on them. AJ was a Senior Executive at Western Union for over 15 years and he is currently serving as a Director at Anthemis Group, an investment and advisory firm focused on reinventing financial services for the 21st century as well as a Board Member of Prepay Nation. He’s an experienced speaker and his presentations are always full of innovative ideas and interesting insights in the tendencies of the money transfer market.


AJ Hanna